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Help Your Manager Stop Flying Around The Office Like A Maniac

There are never enough hours in a day to accomplish all we want to, and that’s especially true when you look at your manager’s list of tasks and try to fit every part of it into the day.  Sometimes, it … Continue reading

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Nailing Punctuality

Make promises you can keep. Really, that’s what punctuality is all about, isn’t it?  Making a promise to be somewhere at a certain time, and actually being there.  So why is it so hard? People who are chronically late share … Continue reading

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The Person I Work With Is Awful – What Do I Do?

I feel your pain.  It’s no fun when someone you work with – a colleague or even a manager – makes your entire day unpleasant.  I remember times when I’ve dreaded even going into the office and thought about quitting … Continue reading

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Following Your Boss to a New Job

We Revolutionary Assistants and our managers work like well-oiled cogs in a machine, and so when the boss decides to take a position with a different organization, we can find it very jarring and disruptive to our lives.  After all, … Continue reading

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Do You Need a Digital Portfolio?

Once upon a time, you could look for a job online.  If you were really in the market for a job, you could post your resume online, and prospective employers could scan it.  Of course, your current employer could also … Continue reading

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Ways that Men and Women Differ When Conducting Business

It’s no secret that men and women have different styles in the workplace. I was recently reading an article in September’s Harvard Business Review (my favorite magazine!) called “How Women Decide” by Cathy Benko and Bill Pelster, and the information … Continue reading

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The Revolutionary Assistant Manual

No one is immune to germs, and everyone likes to take a vacation.  But when you’re a Revolutionary Assistant, you’re indispensible.  So you must stay chained to your desk.  We have no choice in the matter, we’re just too important. … Continue reading

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Are You An Agent of Change?

An agent of change – doesn’t that sound like an exciting thing to be?  I want to be an agent of change.  I could wear a suit with a cape, have cool gadgets that help me see through walls and … Continue reading

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Mobile Apps and the Revolutionary Assistant

In my time as a Revolutionary Assistant, I’ve had to master a lot of new technology.  I started out with an electric IBM typewriter, and progressed from a DOS-based computer to Apple and Microsoft Office.  Now I’m conquering tablets and … Continue reading

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How You Can Enhance Your Influence in the Office

You know I’m a slave to the Harvard Business Review, and in August they dedicated an entire issue to influence in the workplace.  As you know, we Revolutionary Assistants rely on influence.  We have no real power over the people … Continue reading

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