Support My Networking and Collaborative Efforts

To:  My Manager

RE:  Networking and Collaborative Efforts

In honor of administrative professionals’ month, I’m taking the initiative to enhance our partnership.  One of the ways I think I can help grow our reach a little more is with networking and collaboration.  Can you help me with this?

I’m not a fan of chit-chatting by the water cooler any more than you are.  It would seem that work isn’t getting done when that’s going on.  But looks can be deceiving, and I want you to know that I take my relationships very seriously – they help me get my work done.  I’m hoping you can support me in these efforts!

When you need to get an appointment with the VP of Sales, I can do this best by calling her assistant.  It just so happens that I spent some time talking with her when I dropped off some paperwork the other day, and I shared with her some aspects of the exciting project we’re working on.  The VP of Sales is a busy lady, but when I call for that appointment, her assistant knows that it’s because we need help with that project.  She’s enthused about it, too, and so she’s going to pave the way and snag us fifteen minutes with her manager.

Sometimes we talk about having new windows installed at home, or our most recent trip to the vet with our cats, but overall, these gab sessions pave the way to do better work together.  A lot of managers don’t support this kind of mixing because it seems like work isn’t getting done, but it’s kind of like the old-school approach of closing a deal on the golf course!  Business gets done where business gets done, right?

But conversational chatter isn’t the only way to get things done: I’d love to capitalize on an opportunity to work cross-functionally with some of these folks in other departments, too.  It’s hard to start a water-cooler conversation with everyone, sometimes you need to find other ways to break the ice!  I’d love to volunteer on a cross-functional project.  It would help me increase my knowledge about the business and forge some great working relationships with people I might not otherwise get to even talk to!  Do you know of any opportunities out there?

Overall, I want some exposure!  Let me get out there and mix it up.  I can keep my ear to the ground for you, get you appointments with the people you need, and facilitate better relationships all around.  It’s a win-win!

I’m excited to get going on this, so let’s talk as soon as we can.  This effort is going to increase your ability to get things done as well as mine, and it’ll increase my strategic knowledge of the company!

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