A Better, More Revolutionary You

A Revolutionary Assistant is always on top of skills and training to improve her game!  Here are some things you can think about pursuing to build a constantly better, more revolutionary you.


Performance Management

The Self-Evaluation as the First Step in the Performance Assessment ProcessSitting Down with Your ManagerDevelopment: Assistants Who Are Married to the ProcessDevelopment: Bad Decisions and Breaches of ConfidentialityDevelopment: Not Thinking Like Your ManagerRevising the Poor Performance AssessmentWhat Not To Do In MeetingsOops (Handling Your Mistakes)Performance Reviews: Is It Time For Your Self Review?



Ridding Yourself of Unnecessary CommunicationsProductivity and Your CalendarSeeing the “Can Do” in a ProjectHow Am I Going to Do All This Work?Goofing Off At Work To Enhance ProductivityFine Art of Saying NoMeeting Consolidation and Time ManagementProductivity and TravelTackling Projects as They ComeDoes Clutter Hamper Your Productivity?Things You Can Do To Conquer StressProductivity and Employee RecognitionTaking Meeting MinutesMobile Apps and the Revolutionary AssistantThe Revolutionary Assistant ManualGet Around to Kicking the Procrastination HabitManaging Travel CostsPlanning Out an Efficient Home OfficeFinding Your MotivationHow to Start the Work Day RightTravel Tips for the Not-So-Experienced TravelerOpen Workspaces – Couldn’t They Be a Little More Closed? – I’m on Vacation Right Now: Have You Taken Your Paid Time Off?

(See Also: Micromanagement and Organizational Complexity)


Professional Image

Why Your Professional Image is ImportantClothes Make the Assistant!You Are What You WriteYou Are What You Say, Too!Attitude and ImageIf Your Space is Neat and Organized, You Must Be, Too!Managing Your Manager’s Professional Image to Make Her More EffectiveThe Singularly Focused AssistantSeeing the “Can Do” in a ProjectOffice Clown and Office LevityGood Grammar in CommunicationSocial Media and the Job InterviewEnhancing Influence in the OfficeNailing PunctualityHelp Your Manager Stop Flying Around the Office Like a ManiacOptimism in the Face of AdversityYour Resume Needs to Reflect Your Work StandardsAre Administrative Assistants Becoming Obsolete?Sorry! Women and Apologies in the WorkplaceWomen and Collaboration in the Workplace: An Unfair GameCrying in the Office


Professional Relationships

An Intro to Professional Relationships and NetworkingMapping Out Your Plan and Increasing VisibilityI’m an Introvert and I Hate Networking! – Credibility and Professional RelationshipsNurturing Your Professional RelationshipsHow Networking Helps You Build Your Partnership With Your ManagerManaging Your Manager’s Professional Image to Make Her More EffectiveThe Singularly Focused AssistantGive to Your Network to Get The Most BackGetting People to Notice Your PotentialFriendships at WorkMending Co-Worker Relationships after ConflictEnhancing Your Influence in the OfficeThe Person I Work With Is Awful, What Do I Do?Doling Out the Negative FeedbackWhat To Do When You’re Feeling Left Out at the OfficeEnhancing the Manager/Assistant RelationshipGetting What You Want From the Creative DepartmentMore About Working With Those Creative TypesCollecting Honest Employee Feedback


Public Speaking

A Necessary and Very Useful EvilStructure of SpeechBuilding a Logical ArgumentSharing a Vision Via Public SpeakingSharing Your Own Experiences for AuthenticityPublic Speaking HintsPractice Makes Better and BetterBe Visual When Creating PresentationsTheater of the Absurd (or How to Construct a Presentation to Make It Count)Theater of the Absurd (or How to Deliver a Presentation to Make It Count)Making Data Resonate in Presentations



Selecting and Managing Employees

Affecting the Administrative Hiring Process in Your OfficeInterviewing a Candidate for an Administrative PositionAllowing Employees To Play To Their StrengthsOnboarding for Coworker SuccessAvoid Hiring the Wrong Kind of EmployeeWhy Aren’t there More Male Administrative Professionals?


Interviewing for a New Position

Your Resume and the Job HuntWhy Do You Want a New Job?Why Being The CEO’s Assistant Isn’t Necessarily The Job You WantSocial Media and the Job InterviewReinventing Your Current PositionFollowing Your Boss to a New JobYour Resume: How It Should Look, What It Should SayThe Bad Things On Your ResumeThe Company You Might End Up Working ForThe Assistant/Manager Career DiscussionThe InterviewYour Successful Interview and Follow-upDo You Need a Digital Portfolio?Are You Too Smart to Be “Just an Assistant”?Revolutionary Assistant and the Next Role Your Resume Needs to Reflect Your Work StandardsWhat’s the Future of the Administrative Profession?Do they Know You’re Looking for Another Job?

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